1399:Production Mutation
December 4, 2021
  •  shoar sal
Introduction of the Board and CEO

…Chairman of the Board and Managing Director


Mohammad Allah Dad  


Phone number :   (32228050)

degree of education :Electrical Engineering Specialist - Senior Management Manager of Transformation


Managing the distribution of Zanjan province power supply - Power Board of Southern Kerman Power Distribution Directorate - Director of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Association of Kerman Province - Deputy Director of Operation and Distribution of Electric Power Distribution in North Kerman-
Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director of Central Power Distribution Company(right now


…Member of the Board     


Mahmoud Mahmoudi

Email : m.mahmoudi(at)mpedc.ir

Phone number :   (32211008)

degree of education : Power Power Expert - Master of Executive Management

resume :Director of Planning and Budget Office -Managing Director of Arak City-Electricity distribution director of Arak city -Deputy of Planning and Engineering


…Member of the Board     


Mahmoud Fadavi

Email : mmali(at)mpedc.ir

Phone number :   (3228051)

degree of education :Accountant-Master of Public Administration

resume : Director of Procurement and Support - Financial Assistant and Support




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